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Relaxing oasis harmoniously blended in the lush nature of Tuscia, Viterbo’s countryside, renowned for its thousands of hectares of immaculate woods and olive groves, and for its superb valleys, lakes, and rivers. Borgo La Ferriera is a luxury hamlet consisting of 5 stone villas, the perfect place for a relaxing and tranquil holiday, offering a high level of comfort and elegance.
Borgo la Ferriera is the ideal location to explore the "Ghost village" of Celleno, the famous Civita di Bagnoregio and the historical towns of Orvieto and Viterbo, with their imposing cathedrals and ancient, noble buildings.


Situated in the enchanting Tuscia valley, Borgo la Ferriera offers 4 exclusive luxury Villas all elegantly furnished and offering superior levels of comfort where our guests can reconnect with countryside traditions.
A wonderful place set between Lazio and Umbria surrounded by history and an evocative landscape.
Borgo la Ferriera aims to create a unique and welcoming place where lush nature meets luxury and where everything is designed to your utmost comfort.
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Borgo La Ferriera

An attentive restoration was recently completed, and the 4 mansions were restored to their full original charm.
Particular attention has been spent on material selection, to respect the origin of this setting where past and present are perfectly combined.
These once-agricultural houses have been converted into luxury villas preserving the authentic feeling of the original farmhouse with vivid stones and warm wood furniture.
The property is secluded in an extensive private field of 33 hectares of berries, olive groves, chestnuts, hazelnuts, and gardens. whose access is guaranteed by a 2 km dirt road.
Guests of Borgo La Ferriera can use all complimentary facilities such as open air barbeques, a multipurpose sports field to practice football, tennis, basket, a bowling green, and a yoga and meditation ground.
Our Guests can also share the 8X16 majestic pool, open from June to late October, perfectly framed in an enchanting setting that also includes a river, Rio Chiaro, and a 15 meters high suggestive waterfall giving all Villas a pleasant water-flowing noise.
A solarium area equipped with sun loungers, umbrellas, and a gazebo, surrounded by a beautiful flower garden, also guarantees a perfect relaxing spot.

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The Villas

A private estate stretching over thousands of hectares of forest and olive groves, Borgo la Ferriera is designed for guests to live a both ethereal and real experience, by offering them a charming stay while making them feel truly at home.
Only 4 Villas with private parking and a patio that range from 142 sq m to 441 sq m, set in a unique atmosphere that guarantees privacy if booked individually or a perfect family reunion up to 25 guests if booked exclusively.
A fifth farmhouse, used by our staff, offers self-service laundry & ironing, gardening, and other services available for all guests.
An annexed guesthouse can eventually sleep up to 4 service staff members on request.
All Villas are equipped with WIFI, air conditioning, heating, courtesy sets, towels and linens, hair dryers, a private outdoor patio or terrace and parking.

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Casa "Molajoni"

Casa Molajoni is our biggest villa, named after the very first Estate owner, Mr Molajoni who used it as a private Mansion.
It is a 3 story Villa of about 441 sq m, elegantly restored, with chestnut beamed ceilings and original terracotta floors.
The 4-bedroom Villa features intimate elegance throughout all its spaces, to create a feel of utmost refinement and comfort.
On the ground floor you’ll find a large living room and a dining room with a fireplace and barbecue, along with a fully equipped kitchen with adjoining pantry, a double bedroom, and a bathroom.
On the first floor there are three bedrooms, two of which has beautiful fireplaces, high-ceiling windows filtering natural day light and ensuite bathrooms. This floor also features an entertainment area with two game rooms, one with a billiard table and another equipped with game tables for bridge tournaments, a sofa bed area, a private bathroom, and a lovely work area overlooking the park.
The property also features a cozy basement tavern with a large fireplace and a huge table with over 24 seats, a kitchenette with a bathroom, and a charming cellar dug in a tuff cave.
The outdoor private terrace has a wood-burning oven and a 14-seat stone table where guests can enjoy lunch, dinner, drinks or linger over a coffee within a cozy ambience overlooking the blissful gardens that surround the Villa.

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Casale "La Torre"

La Torre is our second largest Villa of about 320 sq m with 4 bedrooms, elegantly and warmly furnished by preserving the original stones and floors.
The Villa consists of three floors:
-On the ground floor you will find a large living room with a cozy fireplace, a dining room that can accommodate up to 16 guests and a barbecue, a kitchen also equipped with a wood-burning oven, a bathroom, and a double bedroom.
-On the first floor an exquisite, romantic master suite, consisting of a bedroom, a closet area, a relaxation area, and bathroom with jacuzzi.
-On the second floor there are 2 additional bedrooms, one double and one single, and a double bathroom.
The large outdoor area is also equipped with a barbecue and overlooks the "alley of love" that runs along the Rio Chiaro River.


Casale "Il Granaio"

The ancient barn of the estate has been transformed into a luxury villa that can accommodate up to 4/5 people.
The 2-story house is distinguished by the elegance of the furnishings and the cozy intimate atmosphere.
On the ground floor there is a living room with a fireplace, a living and dining area, and a kitchen.
On the second floor there are one double bathroom and two double bedrooms, elegantly furbished, and providing the utmost level of comfort and ultimate retreat.
The Villa is surrounded by a groomed garden with uplifting aromas and blissful views.


Casale "Il Mulino"

Tucked away between the river and the lush forest of Borgo la Ferriera, the 150 sq m CASALE IL MULINO, beautifully restored, is decorated in rich, warm colors that reflect the subtle shades of the countryside. It’s a little jewel of privacy, comfort and elegance located on the right edge of the Rio Chiaro river.
The villa consists of 3 floors and can sleeps up to 6 guests.
On the ground floor you will find the kitchen, the living room, a dining area, and a study/office corner.
On the first floor you will find a double bedroom with an ensuite bathroom with shower.
On the basement floor there is a double bedroom, a bedroom with bunk beds, and a bathroom with a bathtub.
The external area has an amazing garden overlooking the near mill where you can visit 3 caves dug into the tuff, probably dated back to Etruscan times.
A nurturing heaven for body and soul.

A bit of history...

Interesting historiographic research and documents shed a light on the powerful connection between the Molajoni family and the territory.
The two brothers, Stefano and Agostino, moved to Rome in the early ‘500s, and their best known descendant, Girolamo, was appointed gentleman of honor by Cardinal Giuseppe Doria, Pio VII’s Secretary of State. His son, purchased an estate, called La Ferriera near Castel Cellesi, about 10 miles from Viterbo.
The Ferriera bordered with the area surrounding ​​the Cuccumelle Castle, part of Orvieto Grand Duchy, which was destroyed by a fire.
The Estate was close to the Celleno Castle, now a half-ruined castle with century-old rose gardens, where the remains of the well-known artist Enrico Castellani are found, who had made his private studio in the Castel. Celleno has its roots in the Etruscan and Greek civilization with signs scattered throughout the territory.
Back to Vincenzo Molajoni, remembered for having discovered a ferrous material on his farm at La Ferriera and for having experimented and innovated a mining machine for factories there. Vincenzo also put an old oil spring system back into operation and built a new one, along the waterfalls of the Rio Chiaro river. Vincenzo's most important initiative was the production of the iron and steel type and having started the production and processing of hemp. The hemp of Viterbo was considered among the most robust and soft in Italy and abroad.

Life at Ferriera continued, for many years, quiet and industrious, under the management of the Molajoni, until the property was sold to two Romans: Dr. Gian Franco Gianello and Dr. Enzo Mei.
In 1994, the new owners, began reconstructing the beauties of the past, carrying out reclamation works, renovating the four almost non-existent buildings and building a new house for the keepers, one of whom had even worked in the ancient iron mine of the Molajoni.
Later, however, after a few years of total abandonment of the property, it passed into the hands of two professional roman lawyers, Maurizio Canfora and Patrizia Del Nostro, who fell in love with the beauty of these places and committed themselves to the recovery of gardens, crops and farmhouses.
The story continues.


Borgo la Ferriera is the ideal location for any five-star event.
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The Surroundings

Known for its awe-inspiring hills and sprawling natural landscapes, the Ferriera is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the sounds and silence of thousands of hectares of natural reserve, where the landscape has remained unchanged for centuries.
The territory is full of history and small treasures to discover.
Nature reigns undisputed, dominating every corner of this paradise and leaving you speechless.
The Rio Chiaro waterfall, nestled in the magical Cellesi wood is a clear example of the magic you will witness.
Also nearby, you will find the Caves of Brigante Bracherosce, prestigious paleontological excavations from the Etruscan / Roman era, still in progress, which have brought to light the remains of a specimen of Elephas antiques, a prehistoric elephant now extinct.
Walking along the remains of a huge mill overlooking the Rio Chiaro stream with 4 millstones that were used for wheat but also for oil.
Hidden in the lush wood is a small, suggestive church that goes back to 1674, with inside a reconstruction of the Aedicule of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem.
A few kilometers away is the famous and surreal Civita di Bagnoregio, known as “the dying city”, located on the summit of a tuff hill and only reachable by walking up a narrow bridge.
Not far away, perched on a tuff cliff, you will also find the beautiful city of Orvieto, rich in history and monuments.
With a short walk, not to be missed, you will then find the village of fairy tales, S.Angelo di Roccalvecce, a small that came back to life in 2017, thanks to a project of the ACAS Mules Cultural Association, with installations and murals of well-known fairytales pained on the small village houses and walls.
Equally unmissable, the Terme di Viterbo, Bolsena Lake, and Villa Lante La Bagnaia.
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Celleno "The Gost Village"

Celleno is a small, charming, and evocative “ghost village”, a suggestive setting of ruins and ancient memories, offering a wonderful view of the surrounding landscape.
It stands on a tuff crag between two streams flowing towards the Tiber, in a captivating landscape in the heart of Teverina.


Lake Bolsena

Lake Bolsena, is the largest lake in the northern part of the region.
The charming village on its banks offers typical restaurants, nautical activities and excursions in small motor or sailing boats.


Lake Vico

Lake Vico (Italian: Lago di Vico) is a caldera lake in the northern Lazio region, in central Italy.
It is one of the highest major Italian lakes, with an incredibly preserved flora and fauna.


The Sacred Wood of Bomarzo

The Sacred Wood of Bomarzo, also known as Monster Park, is one of the most representative sites of the Tuscia, for its originality and uniqueness.
It is in fact populated by huge lava stone sculptures of mythological animals, a leaning house, a strange theater, according to a quite unusual and seemingly bizarre scheme, if compared to that of Italian gardens that sprang up around the same time.
It was created by Vicino Orsini, Prince of Bomarzo, a man of great culture, and for many years it was thought to be a form of rebellion against the standards of the time, or a project dedicated to the memory of his wife, who died before him.


Civita di Bagnoregio

Visiting Bagnoregio is certainly one of the most exciting experiences that can be done in the Tuscia area. The beauty of his civita, known as "the dying city", makes this small town in Viterbo a destination coveted by national and international tourism.


Terme dei Papi

Thermalism in Lazio and in all regions dominated by the Roman Empire, has very ancient origins. In fact, it was the Etruscans first and then the Romans who discover the extraordinary beneficial and curative properties of thermal waters, and to create the first public bathrooms, which became meeting spots, fulcrum of social and political life.

The thermal baths of the Popes are the oldest in the city of Viterbo, they owe their name to the figure of Pope Niccolò V. The Pope in fact loved these spas and their healing properties to such an extent that in 1450 he commissioned the construction of a building, in order to be able benefit from them, any time he wanted. The place was called "Bagno del Papa".

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